Care Homes – Crisis or Opportunity

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March 8, 2017

Care home owners and operators are facing immense challenges with ever decreasing funding streams and rising staff costs and regulatory demands. According to a recent Guardian report, since 2010 over 380 care homes have ceased operation. The squeeze is being felt in particular by the smaller operators which represent over 55% of the industry.

Against this backdrop is the reality of the projected demand. There are over 430,000 people in care homes and more than 11 million people aged 65 or over in the UK. According to recent Dementia UK reports the demand for dementia care is forecast to increase to 940,000 by 2021 and 1,735,087 by 2051 and increase of 38% over the next 15 years and 154% over the next 45 years.

These figures translate into a pressing need for new facilities nationally which have to be of a higher space and service standard to deliver the necessary care with dignity. The reality is that in order to for care budgets to go further people need to remain in their homes for longer, with Care in the Community support, and move to care homes later in life. For this to be effective more houses will require modification and adaptions to suit ageing care needs.

How Esmail Architects can help

Care Home Owners

A persons well-being is central to our design philosophy. When this is coupled with careful analyse and understanding of the business we can facilitate in creating environments that work for both users and operators. Our solutions are not only well resolved technically but have a degree of flexibility to cope with changing business and residents needs.

For Home Owners

We are an advocate for Lifestyle Homes approach in the design of housing. This approach allows for the room sizes and configurations such that they are adaptable to a families changing needs. One of our services is in facilitating Disabled Facilities Grants applications.

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