Bringing commercial rigour to domestic projects and the empathy for domestic work for commercial projects

 It started from first seeing pictures of Falling Water. A desire to design and build places that not only look great but also serve a valuable purpose: socially, ethically, domestically. Over the years of qualification and practice the urge to be hands-on with the drive to ensure the vision becomes a practical reality. Ambitious with the capability and confidence to deliver. We can mix big practice standards and thinking with small practice personal attention and detail.

It’s all about people

All too often excellent architecture is shown without people – that, on the other hand is where we start. Architecture is about creating spaces for people to use, for people to work in, for people to pray in, for people to play in. We create buildings that do look stunning but first and foremost they must work for the people and purpose they are built to accommodate. So of course it is all about people.

To Make a difference

Yes we do it to leave a mark. But for us that mark is worth nothing unless it functions for the society in which it resides. What do we mean by a difference? It’s not enough that the look and ergonomics of an environment are altered. For us our architecture needs to improve performance in a commercial setting, improve comfort domestically and enhance social or spiritual fulfilment for community initiatives. So being different doesn’t do it, but being valuably different does.

Function triumphs over design

Aesthetics do have a useful purpose but a singular pursuit of them confounds the purpose. We prefer to talk of craft where beauty is not only in the overall look, but also in the detailing to serve a human need. It is this approach that allows us to deliver high performance buildings which are not only beautiful in themselves but also beautiful because of how well they serve their purpose.